I've been doing a lot of research trying to find a solution for my
wife's new Dell Axim x51v running Windows Mobile 5.0. This device has
a wireless card so she can get to the web from any publicly accessible
hot spot.

What I'd like to do is to be able to wirelessly sync that device to her
Groupwise Server. The usual suspects: email, contacts, calendar.
I'm pretty certain that they are running 6.5x and it does have a
webmail interface.

Here's the twist: quite possibly the only access to the server will be
through whatever the Groupwise "webmail" is (GWIA?? not too familiar
with the terms). Her organization is VERY close-minded about assisting
users with ad hoc devices.

Asking for software on the Groupwise server is out of the question.
Adding software to her client PC is pretty much out of the question -
we finally got tethered synch-ing to work using the PDA Connect Beta
from the novell site, but when she mentioned this to their network
admin she got in trouble for installing an "unauthorized patch" on her
PC and made her take it off the machine. So right now we don't even
have a tethered sync solution for her (she'll be forever frozen on her
calendar as of March 9!).

So is there any way that she can set up her Axim to synch directly to
the Webmail server without having to go through a conduit on her PC?

She's not looking for anything Push related or anything, so all the
stuff I see about that big thing coming down the pipe from Novell
(Groupwise Mobile Sync Server?). Everything she will be doing will
either be a scheduled or manual "grab" sync from the server.

This is so frustrating that if there is an easy Palm solution we would
definitely sell the Axim on eBay and go with one of the newer Palms
(which is what her previous device was).

I've seen a lot of potential solutions out there: Portamail, SyncWise
Pro (for palm), Intellisync, GWAnywhere, Synchronis from Nexic.... I've
looked at a bunch of them. They all seem to want to have a portion
installed on a PC that has a GroupWise client already installed. The
Nexic one looked interesting but the more I dug into it the more
complicated it looked.

I could CONCEIVABLY intsall one of those on a machine at home - as long
as it could communicate to the GW webmail server to grab its
information. I could probably even figure out a way to expose that
machine to the internet for syncing to the pocketPC - but I still don't
have access to either the server or a PC with the GW client on it.

Long post - any thoughts?