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After my 40 lashes for not delivering this utility on time, I am now posting the utility that will let administrators view and clean the GroupWise events that are using in GMS.

Attached you will find a zip file. Do the following:

1. Make sure you have jvm 1.5 or later installed on your system and in your path.
2. Unzip the attached to it's own folder.
3. Run "java -jar [path]\javaClient.jar".

You should see a login page appear for the java client. Enter the credentials for your POA. The credentials are as follows:

1. IP address or DNS name to the POA.
2. The SOAP port on the POA.
3. The user name.
4. The password for the user.
5. Clear out the AppName and AppKey. These are used for trusted application authentication.
6. If you have SSL enabled on the POA for SOAP, you will need to select the SSL checkbox.
7. Login. You should see the users information appear below the login button if successful.
8. Click on the Events tab. You should see an event listed under the Name field. If it starts off with "IGWL0x"..., it is the event configuration for GMS.
9. You will also notice in the right hand panel events that have occurred for the user. It provided the event, key, and event time. This corresponds to events that have occurred in the GW account for the user.
10. You can delete the event configuration for a user by selecting the all button at the bottom of the Window. I urge caution. If you delete the event configuration or any of the events for a user, you will need to delete the user from GMS and re-add them.

Let me know if you have questions.