I'm trying to sync BES with GroupWise. I ran the
GWSystemAddressBookSync.exe manually because I kept getting a error that the
sync was already in progress. This is what happens if you run it manually.

C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise
MultiLoginSystem.InvalidCastException: Specified cast is not valid.
at GWSystemAddressBookSync.GWUser.Login()
[34401] (07:13:53):{0x1F80} Starting AddressBook Sync Process
[34412] (07:13:53):{0x1F80} Loading MbAddressLookup into hash table
[34402] (07:13:53):{0x1F80} Setting MbAddressLookup entries to pending
status. (
Ignored due to missing or duplicate keys=0)
[34413] (07:13:53):{0x1F80} Get System AddressBook from mail store
[34408] (07:13:53):{0x1F80} Updating PIN Values
[34411] (07:13:53):{0x1F80} UserConfig - 0 Records, MBAddressLookup - 0
[34424] (07:13:53):{0x1F80} Finished updating PINS - 0 records added
[34407] (07:13:53):{0x1F80} Completing MbAddressLookup Statuses
[34410] (07:13:53):{0x1F80} AddressBook Sync Process Finished

I just don't understand why it isn't updating. Anyone have any ideas?