I am using GMS on a Dell Axim X51v thru Wi-Fi. For testing purposes I set
the ReadySync interval to every 10 minutes to see what would happen. After
10 min. and my Axim is off I see the green power light on my Axim turn on
(the screen stays blank) and blink for a few seconds, obviously trying to
make a connection, and then go off. I turn on the device and check the
status screen and it only shows the last sync I made, before I turned the
Axim off, so it did not sync this time. I am pretty sure the problem is
that it does not have enough time to make a connection to my access point
to be able to sync, it sometimes take up to 30 seconds to connect to the AP
and get an IP and ReadySync seems to only try for 10-15 sec4onds or so.

Is there anyway to change how long the device will stay on for until it
stops trying to connect??