I recently installed a Groupwise 7 SP1 System and set it up as an External
Groupwise System to our Production 6.5.6. I have one account in the 7
system and I am able to send and receive internet email through the 6.5.6
GWIA. However, from the PDA (Cingular 8125) when I try to reply to en email
from the internet, it comes back as undeliverable.
The error is more specifically:

The message that you sent was undeliverable to the following:

blahblah@yahoo.com.SMTP.itsG8WAY (554 <blahblah@yahoo.com.SMTP.itsG8WAY>:
Recipient address rejected: Domain not found)

The original message from the internet looked like this:
"Blah" <"blahblah@yahoo.com".SMTP.itsG8WAY>

Some how when I reply from the PDA it is messing up the address and trying
to append the SMTP.DOMAIN to the internet address of blahblah@yahoo.com.
Any idea of how to fix this?

Ralph Lopez