I've set up a GWM sevrer, and a Secure Gateway server both on 2 W2k3
machines with latests updates.

We use BM as our firewall, and the GWM server is on the public side of
our LAN.

The secure gateway has a public IP address, and is sitting on our DMZ
vlan. I've added some filters so that ports 80, 3102 and 8865 are
supposed to be accessed from the outside (I'll add 443 when I'll make
this work!).

I can ping the secure gateway from inside and outside, and the secure
gateway and the GWMS can ping each other.

When i try to reach my mobile server (from inside tour LAN or from the
Internet), I always get "The page cannot be displayed" and "The intended
relay server could not be contacted."

So I'm guessing that a filter between the GWMS and the secure gateway is
missing, just can't find which one, not very familiar with BM.

Before stting up the gateway server, the GWMS worked.

Does somebody have an example of the filters we are supposed to use? The
documentation isn't very clear (for me at least!).

I used TID 10013565 to add the filters, with ports 3102 80 and 8865.

Thanks for any ideas!