This is just the first we are setting up GMS, we installed according to
the DOCs. Managed to get the first synchronization with the cradle. But
now over the GPRS, the user can send e-mails, but cannot get his inbox
synchronized with the Palm treo 650. Our win server is internal and we
setup a NAT on the F/wall for this server. The error messages I can see
is: Any idea how to trace or troubleshoot:

SENT İTEMS is an unknown content destination path
for ./0/SyncFiledDB
İNBOX is an unknown content destination path for ./0/SyncInboxDB
Sync Session
Connection type: wireless
Device name: xxxxxxx
Sync via: Sync (Client push)
Duration: 00:15
Bytes In/Out: 1817 / 2546 (note that actual over-the-air count
is higher)
Email Accelerator
SyncFiledDB: Unable to sync
SyncInboxDB: Unable to sync
Duration: 00:14
SyncMail (Filed) (no changes)
SyncMail (Inbox) (no changes)
SyncMail (Outbox) (no changes)