- I think some people have done test on treo 650. can I send something
for example a photo? When I click on a photo and say send, I can only see
the option of Bluetooh, Messaging and Versamail but no intellisync.

- Is there no option to attach an attachment to outgoing e-mail ?

- After an e-mail is opened the icon is seen as closed is there any
reason for this ? If after reading the mail it should open the icon

-In the appointments created from Gwise, if someone accepts the
appointment, there is no indication that the person has accepted the
appointment from the treo.

-I have many personal address books in my groupwise, but from the web I
can only see very few of them. Is there a limit ? And on the otherside
we have even failed to synchronize the few a contacts we have. Are we
missing something ?