I was working with the trips and itinerary stuff and had a few questions. Ok so is there a way to import the information you get from expedia or southwest email confirmation information into your trip without having to enter it all in manually? Is there some way to import it using the web GMS interface?

Also, let say I have a trip to Boston and I enter my information with flight number and confirmation number. This maybe to much to ask but will it alert me if my flight time changes or something cool like that? I know this might be stretching it but I think it would be so sweet to have that.

Then when I enter my trip information flight, car and hotel.... all I see is the flight information nothing about a car, or hotel or any of my confirmation numbers. Where do I see those on my phone. If im in a hurry in the airport I want to have it all on my phone instead of having to open my web browser and go to the portal to locate this information. Otherwise why not just print out my itinerary.

Well any answers for me would be very cool thanks!