GMS is installed and working wonderfully on our internal network. I have
installed the Secure Gateway in the DMZ and have a few issues.

What IS working:
- Sync traffic to all internal and external clients
- Network and SMS push traffic to all internal and external clients
- Most port 80 traffic through the Secure Gateway - Web Portal Login, user
Console page where they can view their devices & settings
- SMS-based installs for PPC devices

What is NOT working:
- The admin console on the Secure Gateway server (per Nokia's documentation)
- All OTA installs at <http://securegatewayIP/install> (gives localhost
error) - this page does work internally if I point to the GMS server.
- SMS-based installs for Palm devices are timing out

My primary and critical issue is the OTA installs through the Secure
Gateway. If the Secure Gateway routes all other port 80 traffic, shouldn't
the "/install" page just work? Why is it routing the client to localhost?
This issue is holding up my deployment, and needs to be resolved ASAP. I
would REALLY appreciate any help from anyone on this.

Thank you,

Paul Peterson