Found this issue while testing & documenting the PPC cradle sync feature:

1. ActiveSync installed is 4.2.0
2. New or existing device is connected
3. From GMS Web page, Add new device, Install from PC
4. Complete intellisync Client install
5. Perform first sync, with either Refresh or Merge

At this point, everything is working. On a new device, there are errors
because ActiveSync cant complete the synchronization with oultook/exchange.

6. In ActiveSync, Choose {Tools} {Options} and Uncheck Email. You do get a
warning: To proceed, you must remove all email on your Pocket PC. Do you
want to proceed? (Answer "Yes")

7. All mail is removed from your pocket PC device inbox.

8. On the next sync, any Sync'ed mail is also removed from your GroupWise

Conclusion and further testing: Any time a user unchecks the "Email"
option, all sync'ed mail is deleted from their GW Inbox on the next sync.
Tey can just be playing around and check it / close & reopen / uncheck it,
and they lose their mail. This is not a desired result, and at the least
should be documented.

Feedback or comments are welcome.

Paul Peterson