I wish to deploy GMS for my small business customers, as well as for my own very small business. While some of them do have Windows application servers already, on which I should be able to stick GMS to serve a handful of users, I and several customers don't have any Windows Servers at all. I REALLY don't want to go to them and say, 'oh, sure, Novell gives you this Mobile Server for free, but you have to buy a Windows Server license to run it'. That will just seem ridiculous, and cause them to wonder yet again why they keep sticking with Novell when Novell doesn't even stick with Novell! (yes, I know the reasons why GMS is available first on Windows, later on Linux, and never on NetWare... try explaining it to a small biz customer). This will all be solved when the Linux version ships; then I can just use a SUSE Linux Enterprise license that all my customers have already. Dedicating a simple box to it is less of a big deal... most customers have some spare hardware that can be pressed into service. But, they all want GMS now (my fault for telling them about it for months I guess!).

Knowing that many apps CLAIM to require Windows Server, but the truth is often that they'll run on non-server versions just fine but without official vendor support, I figured I'd try it.

To that end, I built a simple "server" from some odd parts around my office. I first attempted to install GMS on Windows XP Pro. No matter what I tried, I couldn't get past the very first login screen in the setup analyzer. No combination of username and password would work; even attempting to manually grant all the needed policy rights would not help.

Undeterred, I tried installing Windows 2000 Pro on the box (and SP4 of course). I ran the GMS setup, and lo and behold, it just worked. After installing IIS off the Win2k disk, digging up some more RAM to get to the 512Mb minimum, and figuring out that SOAP wasn't active on my POA by default, I got through the setup analyzer and got the thing installed. It seems to work quite well. After some doing, I got my PalmOS 4.1 Kyocera 7135 to sync wirelessly, and even got SMS Push to work sometimes (when doing a sync in response to an SMS push, the Palm app fails to connect sometimes, and outright crashes the phone sometimes, yet it always works when launched manually, but that's another story).

So, in light of all of that, I have questions:

1. First, has anyone succeeded in installing GMS on XP Pro? What is the trick to getting it to login?

2. Can anyone tell me what limitations I may run into running GMS on Win2k Pro instead of Server? The customers in question will have just a few, maybe as many as 10 mobile users.

3. Less priority, as none my customers have such an old Palm device, but does anyone know anything about compatibility with the Kyocera 7135?