somewhat unhappy when looking back to this process with GMS.

When speaking with folks at novell over here, when talking about the
upcoming sync-support,, it off course was "estimates" both regarding
what and when..,, but,, the main thread seemed to be;

syncml and symbian support as "key items" when choosing hardware.

so,, one off our biggest customer moved offices during march, changed
all phones to mobiles, they were thorough and on our recommendation
both made sure they were symbian and/or syncml phones and also for
once made sure it wasn't 100s of different models.

So,, the list they came up with and went with;
SonyEricsson K750i
SOnyEricsson 700i
Nokia 6230i
Nokia 6021

And,, none of them seems to be on the list for GMS,
any list from Novell to supported phones and for upcoming phones ?

I got a login to nokia's web were it at least seems to be many more
phones supported. ( for instance it seemed as if my e70 was there..)