I've just setup a GroupWise Mobile Server. I had the phone (Treo 650)
connect and install the application. Now when I try to sync I get the

Initializing sync...
Conection Type: Network
Sync via: SyncXpress
--- Palm Profile Settings ---
Checking for new profile settings
Initializing security
Generating keys
Exchanging keys
Negotiating security protocol
Having connection problems, will retry

That's it. it then goes back to the app gets nothing new.

So I think some of my problem is that I can't get the device to show up
in the GMS management.

I did the software install on the phone by going to

If I login in though the web everything looks fine you can see the
users email and so on.

But the push/sync isn't working, possibly because the device isn't
showing up.

Anyone help?