I had to move one of our users in GroupWise Messenger to a different
This move was done from an instance of ConsoleOne that did not have
the GW
Messenger snapins present. An alias was created where the user used to
be to
facilitate login.

Unfortunately now, for people who go to add that user as a contact inGroupWise Messenger, it finds that user, but always shows the status
offline. It seems as though the alias object is somehow interfering.
If I
delete the alias object, the status reads correctly.

It is as though GroupWise Messenger still thinks the user is in the
old OU,
and only if the alias is not there does it realize the user is in the
OU. However if I recreate the alias where it used to be the problem
reoccurs. The alias needs to be there. How can I get GroupWise
Messenger to
register the update?

Those people who have the user in their contact list already see that
status correctly. It is only the users after that point who try to go
add the user end up adding the alias to their contact list instead of
the user.

BTW, I tried moving another user with an instance of ConsoleOne with
the GW
Messenger snapins and it moved and created the alias and there was no
in Messenger.