I first installed NM and GW 6.5 on test Netware 6 server...
all went well.

But I can't get NM to work on 4.2 SBS. It is Direct access,
no SSL. Groupwise 6.5 has been up and running for a couple
of months.

While installing when I come to the Directory Authentication
Screen the browse button shows no users to pick. In Netware
6 I just picked the Admin. I also get the message
"nvweb.dll" Object not found ffffda7

On the console screen I get:

"The DN for the default user is in the wrong format"
message at the console.

In strtup.ma I have the user as:


I have used other variations but no luck there either. I
even created another user and gave it full rights on the
Messenger section in Console One and changed it in strtup.ma.

I ran DSrepair with no special switches just in case... no
errors. Should I run it with some special switch? I think,
but not sure that the Edirectory and NDS are not in sync.

Thanks for the help.

Butch Walker