General install questions on Messenger

I am preparing to install Messenger for the first time on my Netware
5.1 server also running GW6.5.1.

Is the installation of Messenger fairly benign? If I am unsatisfied
after I install, can I easily comment out Messenger in the startup
script, or is it somehow more pervasive.

Are there any pitfalls to uninstalling it?

I have been told that it is small, about 34MB of server space, so
assuming my install goes without issue, is it safe to say I could have
it installed in about an hour?

Anyone experienced any client OS compatibility issues? I am
potentially loading the Messenger client on WIN95, 98 (first edition),
98SE, 2000, and XP.

Any harm in installing Messenger 1.0 and then immediately installing
the SP1 Messenger support pack?

Any compatibility issues if I am using GW6.5.0 clients on GW6.5.1
server, and then using Messenger thru GroupWise client to access
Messenger SP1 on the server?

Any and all input will be appreciated.

Jason Powers