I am having trouble logging into Groupwise to get the address books
exported. Here's the story:
Migrating from Novell 6.5 with Groupwise to Windows 2003 SBS with
Exchange. I used to Exchange migration wizard to migrate email from GW
to Exchange which worked fine. I then uninstalled DNS/DHCP from the
Novell server so I could get the SBS box to take over DHCP. I know I
should have simply stopped DHCP on the Novell box but I didn't. At
this point I am told that none of the users address books have been
moved and I need to get them. Here's the rub. I can't get logged into
ANY GW mail box no matter what I try. I have reset the user passwords
in Console One and can log in to a Novell workstation but GW login
fails. I have checked the POA configs and it's all set to use NDS for
authentication. Is there a way to turn off all secutrity in GW just so
I can log in to each user account and get their address books. Any
help is welcome.