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National Cyber Alert System

Technical Cyber Security Alert TA07-235A

Trend Micro ServerProtect Contains Multiple Vulnerabilities

Original release date: August 23, 2007
Last revised: --
Source: US-CERT

Systems Affected

* Trend Micro ServerProtect for Windows/Novell Netware


A number of vulnerabilities exist in the Trend Micro ServerProtect
antivirus product. These vulnerabilities could allow a remote attacker
to completely compromise an affected system.

I. Description

Multiple buffer overflow vulnerabilities and an integer overflow
vulnerability have been discovered in the RPC interfaces used by
various components in Trend Micro's ServerProtect software package.
These vulnerabilities could be exploited by a remote attacker with the
ability to supply a specially crafted RPC request to the system
running the affected software.

Further information about the vulnerabilities is available in the
Vulnerability Notes Database.

II. Impact

A remote, unauthenticated attacker could execute arbitrary code on a
vulnerable system. The attacker-supplied code would be executed with
system privileges, resulting in a complete compromise of the affected

III. Solution

Apply updates from Trend Micro

Trend Micro has provided an update for these vulnerabilities in

ServerProtect 5.58 for Windows NT/2000/2003 Security Patch 4 -
Build 1185

Administrators are encouraged to review this notice and apply the
patch as soon as possible.

Restrict network access to the affected components

Until the patch can be applied, administrators may wish to block
access to the vulnerable software from outside their network
perimeters, specifically by blocking access to the ports used by the
ServerProtect service (5186/tcp) and the ServerProtect Agent service
(3628/tcp). This will limit exposure to attacks; however, attackers
within the network perimeter could still exploit the vulnerabilities.

IV. References

* US-CERT Vulnerability Notes for Trend Micro ServerProtect Security
Patch 4 -
<http://www.kb.cert.org/vuls/byid?searchview&query=spnt_558_win_en_securitypatc h4>
* README for Trend Micro ServerProtect 5.58 for Windows NT/2000/2003
Security Patch 4 - Build 1185 -

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August 23, 2007: Initial release

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