We're running GW 7.01 on SUSE 9. We've been running GWMobile & BES for
almost the same time (9 months) with no problems.

The other day users started to complain that everything was going slow.
When we used "TOP" we noticed that the GWPOA process, CPU usage, was
continually stuck at about 95% and sometimes even went above this!

We restarted the GW server and for half an hour the CPU usage for the
GWPOA process was back to it normal level between 0.3 and 30%. However
after half an hour, it was back upto 95%.

On the POA GUI we could see that the number of user connections was 30 but
the C/S requests were increasing at the rate of about 500 a second but
there was no mail to be dealt with. Though we'd never really monitored
this performance we felt that for the number of connected users the C/S
requests were way to high!

We turned off the BES server, but there was no difference. However, when
we turned of the GWmobile server it was like turning off a light switch -
instant decrease in C/S requests and the CPU usage dropped to 0.7% i the
blink of an eye!

My question is what might be going with the GWmobile server and how to
troubleshoot and correct the issue?