I spend my days tactically assaulting trouble tickets that seem to pile
onto my desk in a not so nice fasion. I have a back log of projects to
complete... I have more Blackberries than I'd ever care to support (That
would be more than 1)... and I can't even login to the forums for some
mid-day banter, let alone accessing them for support reasons.

Updates? Hrm...
Still in Ohio, still a Groupwise admin, still homeless (Living with
friends), got rid of the 05 Xterra... replaced with an 07 Altima (much
better gas milage), still single (I think that's an indefinite feature of
my life), still crazy, broken free of my gaming addictions!!!! Spend 90%
of my weekends and evenings helping friends or just enjoying their
company. Something I was greatly missing during my 3 years on the west

Just saying hi... hope you all are well.