I have a client -- a broke non-profit -- that has an aging dual P800 server
(440gx motherboard). That server also has an elderly Intel RAID system --
and I don't think that Intel supports this old stuff anymore.

I got there, and two of the 5 hard drives had gone bad. Fortunately, one
was probably the spare? Anyway, it was still running, but in degraded mode.

I got 2 more drives, and put them in. The one "new" drive came up DOA, but
the second seemed to be fine.


How do I get that new drive to go be part of the RAID array? I know I have
to boot to those utilities on the CD, and I finally made the new drive a
"spare", but it seems that the RAID array is still not right. Is it as
simply as putting in a new drive, or have I missed something?

Please help, I leave on vacation tonight.....

Tim Wohlford