> We are running Tapeware from Yosimete and it works great.

>>I am thinking about purchasing OES soon. Currently we are running

>>exec 9 for netware to do our backups. What backup options are

> if
>>we want to switch over to an all linux OES?

While it isn't a commercial option, rsync works wonders, even with
On OES, the trustees are stored in a file called trustees.xml on the root of an NSS volume, so they get backed up along with all the other

files. Plus rsync is incremental, and using a combination of
hard-linking and differentials (see makes it a very attractive near-present backup option.

We do a D2D2T (Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape) backup system using rsync and tar

for about 30 servers. In case of a problem, we have the following

- How it looked when it was last modified (via NSS Salvage). Disk
- How it looked at midnight from the last 5 days (Rsync). Disk Cost: 1xTotal Backup + Incrementals
- How it looked last week (Disconnected Rsync). Disk Cost: 1xTotal
- How it looked last month (Tape via Tar/cpio). Disk Cost: Tape
- Monthly Archives (DVDs).

So we have lots of protection, with little bandwidth consumption from

the distant servers (since rsync only copies differentials).

Just something to consider if price is a concern (I usually don't
implement this system beyond 50 servers, commercial product cost
the time required at that point).

Justin Grote
Network Architect
JWG Networks