I'm experiencing some rather bad problems with an Adaptec Serial ATA RAID
(2810SA) controller and OES 1: After some hours of heavy load, the system

It seems to be a known problem, and that later versions of the kernel
fixes it (see below). Is anyone at Novell/SUSE looking at the problem?

Does OES/SLES have a bug searching/reporting tool like Red Hat's bugzilla?
(One of the cool things about Red Hat's bugzilla is that it spans several
product lines, e.g. RHAS, RHEL, Fedora - which is nice because the
different products share a lot of code.)

Related URLs:

(skip to last 1/4 of the page; note especially the quote from the
changelog for kernel 2.6.11)


Not exactly related, but interesting, if someone at SUSE/Novell decides to
update the aacraid driver for OES/SLES9:

Greetings from Troels Arvin, Copenhagen, Denmark