I get an error when I try to create any NSS objects/volumes in a freshly
installed OES Linux environment.

When I try to create the pool/volume using iManager, I get the error:

CIMOM Error: cannot write to the given file.

Using NSSMU I get a "Write Error' zERR_USER_ABORTED(20017).

OpenWBEM seems to be installed (according to YaST), and an OpwnWBEM Daemon
starts at boot, and ociwmomd is active with the 'top' command.

I was installing NSS as part of the install of the OES Linux OS, and got
this issue. Read the Install guide which suggested to install them after
installation, but this made no difference when re-installed. I have one
machine with a pre-existing NSS volume that I cannot 'import', and another
with 190G of free-space that I cannot create a NSS volume on.

Why is it so?

Any help greatly appreciated.


Braedon King
Senior IT Officer, Main Roads, Queensland, Australia.