Sorry about the vagueness of this post.

I have an OES Linux SP1 box in a lab acting as a ZEN 7 awsi, imaging,
application, inventory and inv-db server. It is also running NSS and it is
hoped in production to use this NSS volume as the home for the ZEN
application files and images. This will be a good trial of NSS on Linux
before using it for really critical stuff like user files and GroupWise.

My experience of NSS (test-lab only) on OES and OES SP1 has been broadly
favourable and I was, stupidly, starting to think, "wow Novell have really
got this working like a dream".

However I have started to run into some issues with it. What happens is
that Windows clients start to run into what I would loosely describe as
file-locking issues: files cannot be deleted as they are apparently in
use, can't be copied by NAL app launcher because they can't be found even
though they are visible in Windows Explorer.

Anyway I will try disabling op-locking, file-caching and keep trying other
stuff (as well as searching the forums).

However the real purpose of this post is that I want to be able to shut
down and restart NSS properly without rebooting the whole box. I have a
vision for my OES Linux boxes that no matter how badly the Novell
services running on it are behaving at least I won't have to reboot the
box as I would previously have had to do with NetWare. However there is no
"stop" portion of the novell-nss init script (or rather is has been
remarked out) in the Novell installation. It looks as though shutting down
NSS would be fairly complex with a large number of daemons to stop and
kernel modules to unload, but hey this is Linux it should be easy enough
to script it.

Does anyone have any insight in the correct order to shut down NSS? I am
determined that my Linux boxes won't be the nightmare that the NetWare
boxes have been to look after and I am determined to avoid reboots unless
absolutely necessary (e.g. kernel patch, hardware replacement or
fire/flood/nuclear holocaust).