Hi everybody,

we are looking to purchase new Cluster Hardware and we would like to gather
experiences. The Cluster will be a 6 Node cluster with HP Proliant DL380G4
Servers. What we havn't decided yet is the SAN. We are down to 2 Possibilities:

- HP EVA4000 FC Solution
- Network Appliance iSCSI Solution

Our current Environment is first generation Proliant. We are unable to move
this SAN to OES Linux, because there are no CPQFC drivers for the 2.6 Kernel.

We are leaning more to the NetApp Solution for the following reasons:

- 50,000 Dollars cheaper
- IP based (means no dependancy to exotic drivers
- "Almost" as fast as the FC Solution
- Can also be used as FC when "High Performance" is necessary
- Heard very positive Statements at Brainshare Europe

Of course, we want to gather as many "Experience Tips" from the Community
as possible before we invest a Quarter Million Bucks!!

My Gut Feeling says that both systems will rock. What do you guys think?