Hi All,

I have installed OES SP1 nix fine on a (HP Blade BL20 1Gb ram) all of the
disks are connected via HP 5i scsi controlers, workstation browses to the
sys vol fine.
A HP MSA1000 SAN is attached to the server and appear as local to the

I want to create a new NSS pool/vol but get the following error in iManager:

Error: File Protocol error occurred: cannot open the NSS version file on the
selected server. The NSS software may not currently be running on this

I'm aware that that the disk containing 'boot, swap & /' is not using EVMS
therefore I shouldnt be able to create an NSS pool/vol without some funky
conf but I have two spare disks in the SAN that I should be able to use...
The problem is that in iManager I cant even get that far because of the
error above!

does nss get installed by default?
running 'nssmu' from the server console gives: command not found!
'owcimomd' says using /etc/openwbem/openwbem.conf then returns to the prompt
(appears ok)
'rcowcimond status' shows the service is running
'evmsgui' runs the utility ok

Any tips/help appreciated.