now my server crashed today with no warning just a few days ago I had to
replace a failed drive on my Power edge 2650 server so the tech brought
the drive out. It was replaced and the rebuild took about 5-6 hours. No
problems that I could see that was on Monday Oct 1st now as I said today
the server crashed nothing was written to the abend log and nothing
other than the "a critical error has occurred on server athena" was
written to the sys error log it shows nothing occurring before the
shutdown took place.

The server rebooted itself but I was able to see that VREPAIR
automatically ran on the COMMON VOLUME the error was mismatched mirror
then all the volumes mounted and every one logged back in no problems.
My question is how do I make sure that the volumes are mirrored
properly I able to access Remote Manager and IMANAGER but am not sure
how to check to see if the drives that are supposed to be mirrored are
still mirrored.

Current Support Pack Info:
Novell Netware, V6.5 Support Pack 3 - CPR Release Server Version
5.70.03, May 23, 2005 - Server Up Time: 0:01:17:13

Server Configuration is as follows:

2-18GB contains OS drives are using Raid 1

3-146GB drives contains data using Raid 5