I have an NSS installed sles based oes server and testing it for a few days.
I am testing the server with just 1 client(using novell clientfor windows on
XP) which have a mounted folder on the NSS volume and the performance is
really very poor. For example, sometimes if you copy a file to the volume
from the client, it doesn't appear untill you refresh the window. When you
try to extract a rar file on the mounted volume, the extraction freezes 1
sec. continues, frezes continues etc. Independent from NSS volume, sles
based oes responds very slowly from the network neighbourhood too. Maybe
this shows NSS so slow too.

After I realized that, I have tried NSS on a netware based server and both
network and NSS performance was quiet nice!

Is the poor performance(for NSS and network) on the sles based server normal
for some technical reasons or is it because I am doing something wrong?

Actualy I like netware oes more than sles but I don't want to use Netware
because Novell gave a vision as if it will stop supporting it in the