I installed the sms stuff on OES Linux and am trying to test a Beta version
of the next SyncSort client on the OES Linux box. When I try to connect
with SyncSort I get an error so I tried to use the included nbackup and when
it tries to make a TSA connection it fails as well.

If I try and run tsatest from the OES server I also can not connect. I get
the following error from tsatest

Error code NWSMTSConnectToTargetServiceEx fffdffdd
Error:Failed to connect Target Service:Username or Password invalid
Disconnected from TSA

I have entered the username and password for the admin user correctly. Even
using .admin.context and cn=admin.o=context etc.. nothing seems to work.
The sms modules are running and when I do a smsconfig -t it says tsafs is
loaded. Anyone have any ideas?


Nick Ciesinski