Good day to all of you.

I'm in the process of setting up SLES9 and been reading the Novell Open
Enterprise Server Installation Guide for Linux. We need to use NSS here,
so that's were I got to the point in the guide where it said I needed to
use EVMS and *NOT* LVM!
(DOH! Got screwed there cause initially had setup to use LVMs !!)

Anyhow, I did what the guide said and now when I'm booting up the
server, everything boots up okay, but I have the following errors..
(even though my LV's are still accessible)

First, my setup:

hda1 = Linux ReiserFS /boot 100Megs hda2 = Linux LVM: create an EVMS

'system' container:

/dev/evms/lvm/system/swap 1.0 GB SWAPFS swap
/dev/evms/lvm/system/root 2.0 GB ReiserFS /
/dev/evms/lvm/system/opt 2.0 GB ReiserFS /opt
/dev/evms/lvm/system/tmp 2.0 GB ReiserFS /tmp
/dev/evms/lvm/system/usr 2.0 GB ReiserFS /usr
/dev/evms/lvm/system/var 2.0 GB ReiserFS /var
/dev/evms/lvm/system/home 500.0 MB ReiserFS /home

Now, the errors when booting up:

Error #1: Starting EVMSEngine: Error loading
/lib/evms/2.3.3/ cannot open shared object
file: No such file or directory

Error #2: LvmRegMgr: Error comparing kernel mappings for active region
lvm/system/usr. LvmRegMgr: Region lvm/system/usr will be reactivated at
the next commit.

* Notes: for the error #2, I get this for *every* LV I've got! But
they're still accessible....

Addtionnaly, if I open up 'evmsn' I get into the message screen and the
1st message I see is: Engine: The plug-in Linux-HA in module
/lib/evms/2.3.3/ failed to load. The plug-in's
setup_evms_plugin() function failed with error code 19: No such device.

* this seems to obviously reflect to error #1. Also, I still get the
error #2 in that message screen.

Thing about error #1 is that does exist under
/opt/gnome/lib/ and /opt/gnome/lib is an entry under

Kinda of lost here and I can't find anything regarding this...

Any suggestions would be great!

Regards, Patrick