I'm confused with the Novell OES Setup guide for Linux... at the point
where it's talking about NSS.

It seems to be saying that in order to use NSS, we need EVMS. Well all it's
*really* saying is that if you want NSS *on the same physical disk* has
your root FS, then you need to setup your root using EVMS...

It never talks when you have more then 1 disks.

I have actually 6 disks, but after hw raid setup, I'm using the following:

logical disk 1: Raid 1+0 33 Gigs
logical disk 2: Raid 5 55Gigs

I wanted to use disk 1 for my system using plain Linux Native partitions
with or without LVM....(at first, *not evms*) and use disk 2 for NSS

Anyhow, I did the setup with evms (did NOT use evms for my system
partitions dough!) and even created NSS pools and volumes on my 2nd disk.

Then, I decided to try *disabling* boot.evms. It works! My pools and
volumes are still mounted and I can even resize my pools, create
additionnal volumes, etc.

So what gives? Do I need EVMS or not for NSS?

I hate the documentation provided by Novell!! It's soo not clear!!

Thank you.