I'd like to back up my GroupWise 7 databases running in an OES Linux SP1
2-node cluster using an SMS-based backup solution. I'm currently conducting
some tests involving remote backup from another OES box using nbackup.

Needless to say, the GroupWise MTA and POA are defined as two separate
cluster resources using two different cluster IP addresses. What the remote
agent should ideally do is simply connect to the smdrd on whichever node
currently has the GroupWise databases mounted.

smdrd has, to the best of my knowledge, no provisions to bind to multiple
explicitly-defined IP addresses, so I can't tell smdrd to listen on
whatever IP addresses are used by the GroupWise-related cluster resources.

I've tried setting the ip option in smdrd.conf to smdrd then
correctly binds to all IPv4 addresses defined on the system, however,
connections are denied if the remote client attempts to connect to a
hostname that expands to an IP address other than the primary one, which is
also resolvable via SLP.

Examining the traffic via tcpdump yields that the remote agent connects
fine (so I can rule out any hostname resolution problem), but it seems like
the smdrd on the GroupWise host then actively denies the connection.

Is there any way to make smdrd accept connections on all IPv4 addresses
present on the system?

Florian Haas