I'm using OES/Linux (latest patch level) with EVMS, and I have a single NSS
volume. The rest of my filesystem is reiser (I have a single RAID 5 volume
partitioned into the separate reiser and NSS volumes, hence the need for
EVMS). I'm using LUM and have LDAP authentication set up against our
eDirectory tree.

Anyway, is it possible to use my NSS volume as the /home mount point without
breaking POSIX permissions? I'd like our users to be able map a drive to
their home directory on the NSS volume using Windows XP with the Netware
client, and also to access their home directly when they log into the linux
server using FTP or SSH. Mapping a drive to the NSS volume works fine as
long as I set the user as a trustee of their directory. But in linux, I have
no rights to my home directory and can't seem to change that.

Any suggestions, or is this unattainable?