I've been working on implementing an RSYNC solution between a OES Linux
File Server (at the far end of a T1) that'll be running the RSYNC client to
move files to my traditional NetWare 6.5sp2, with NSS volumes, File Server.

That works fine, reliably, and fast.

One thing that gets lost in the file movement between the two file systems
is the explicit trustee assignments on the source. For example, if user
Bob has been granted rights to his home directory at the OES Linux File
Server, that assignment does not travel up to the NetWare File Server along
with Bobs' files.

On a traditional NetWare File Server there were many ways to gather
explicit rights assignments to the file system. I could use either 1)
TRUSTEE.NLM, TRUSTBAR.NLM, or even RIGHTS /S /T piped out to a file. In
all of these cases I would end up with output in the form of a file.

If I could manage to get that same type of output from the OES Linux File
Server, I could RSYNC that file (along with the user data), then if and
when things crash and burn, I'd be able to restore the rights assignments
after things were rectified.

The problem now is, how can I gather that information automatically?