SCMT 1.1 looks like an ideal tool to migrate existing data from Netware 5.1
traditional volumes to NSS volumes on OES Linux.

Tool goes through the motions and appears to be working but no data is
transferred. (Updated Linux machine to OES SP2 and retried no better)

Here are the choices I make (logged in as admin)
From Netware...
Consolidate and copy...
One directory from Nw5.1 PRIVATE volume to OES Linux PRIVATE volume. 966Mb
(Rename destination with suffix Migrated)
No. Don't delete folders on destination if not present on source...
No. Don't compare.
Always copy the source file.
No. Not based on dates.
No exclusions.
Enter Admin credentials.
Don't check space.
Don't Disable Login

There are 2 Warnings I assume I can ignore...
Source volume 'PRIVATE' on server 'UYS-4' is compressed but volume 'PRIVATE'
on server 'UYS-5' is not compressed. If you have directory quotas or volume
restrictions, they could be exceeded once the files are decompressed and
copied. If you see zero-byte files after the copy, this could be the cause.
- and -
When copying data from a NetWare 5.x server, you might need to reconfigure
the language of your Linux server 'UYS-5' to match the language of the
source server 'UYS-4'. See 'Copying Double-Byte Character Data' in the
'Server Consolidation and Migration Toolkit Administration Guide' for
instructions and additional information

Copying data looks OK except progress bar never moves.

Error log lists this type of thing for each file...
'NWSMTS error: An invalid path was used.' (Source Server: UYS-4 Path:
'Connection: 2 path /media/nss/PRIVATE/SJohnsonMigrated/IMAGES/MOUSE.COM'
Error: 'fffdffdc' Function: 'NWSMTSOpenDataSetForRestore'

Migerror.log message: 0xfffdffdc NWSMTSOpenDataSetForRestore UYS-4 UYS-5
Connection: 2 path /media/nss/PRIVATE/SJohnsonMigrated/IMAGES/MOUSE.COM)

Is it complaining about the source or destination path being wrong. No
directories or file are created.

Running SCMT on Windows 2000 SP4 with Netware Client

What am I missing?