I'm using the kernel based nfs server of oes linux sp2 to export some nss
volumes as discribed at
With the rights utility I was able to assign trustees to directories on
the volumes. From what I've seen I expect that a lum enabled user on a
linux client where the volumes are mounted will be able to access the
data his trustee was assigned to. With nam or ldap nss lookup enabled
this really works to some extent. The solution fails when it comes to
display folder contents: Like specified in TID10097804 the kernel on the
client machine yells
nfs_update_inode: inode number mismatch
expected (0:10/0x8c), got (0:10/0xfa1fc81c)
NFS: readdir reply truncated!
several times and rufeses to be aware of most of any folder content.
Can someone be so kind to try to reproduce this error?

Best regards,