We used to run Netware 6.5 SBS. We stored our Visual Basic 6 projects
on our NSS volume and load them up directly into Visual Studio running
on a Windows client. When all said and done, they are only Windows
files like any other.

Having moved to OES for Linux, the above operation INTERMITTENTLY
displays a Windows COM error ("Method ~ of ~ failed") when loading up
the source files of a project. One project will sometimes generate the
error, sometimes not. Strangely, the source files APPEAR to load OK,
but it is making me nervous as this is commercial software that we ship
out to customers.

We NEVER had this problem with NSS on Netware, and never if I load the
project files directly from my own local PC disk. So OES must be
implicated in here somewhere!

This almost sounds similar to the recent NSS bug that was reported
about Excel spreadsheets being corrupted on load. That was fixed by
upgrading to SP2 (which we have done, and we are right up to date with
Red Carpet upgrades from the OES channel). However, it hasn't fixed
this VB6 problem.

This is perhaps an uncommon environment, I realise, and I may not get a
rush of willing helpers, but does anyone have any clues how I can
diagnose this problem, see if it has been fixed by some patch, and/or
get it reported to Novell ?

What is SENDFILE_SUPPORT ? Could this be anything to do with it ?