Is there a solution out there to backup NSS volumes on OES for a small
buisness ... maybe only one to five servers?

Seems like syncsort and commvault both can backup NSS volumes but cost
arount 10k to 14k to get setup.

Commvault has Galaxy Express through Dell (supposedly a dumbed down version
of Galaxy 6.1) but asking Dell if it will handle NSS volumes on OES is
nuts.. got transfered ten times (each time the person wanted my personal
data and acted like it was impossible to get any data on anything with out
a customer number) and finally the last person that tried to answer didnt
know what Novell was.

So if you have any ideas or if you currently use a system please let me

Also .. a gui would be perferable .. other people are going to need to use
it and going over a linux command line with them for nbackup wont work out
too well.

Thanks, Scott