Good Day,

Been having trouble to setup a dedicated network for backup traffic, hope
you guys could point me to the right direction. My current setup

1) 2 nodes OES Linux SP2 cluster w/ a handful of cluster resources
2) 1 OES Linux SP2 with BAB ArcServe r11.5

I've not been having any trouble trying to get the backup to run with
cluster resources, the backup will still run no matter where the resource
is. But problem is now that i'll need to run the backup in another
dedicated network ... I've tried the following methods and test with the
SMS demo program for each step but couldn't seem to be able to connect to
the cluster resource

Method 1) Change the load/unload script to add another secondary IP
address. Then change the SMDRD to listen on the backup network. Manually
register the IPs into SLP, slptool shows the smdr.novell services correctly.

Method 2) Do the above method and add in another line to the load/unload
script to have the nssbind to another name.

Method 3) Plug our SLP DA, both nodes and also the backup server into the
backup network. Use method (1) but skipped the manual register of SMDR to

Really appreciate that if you guys could shed some light here :) Thanks