Hi all

We had NSS volumes working fine under SP1.
Today, we ran a rug pin --entire-channel oes, and after reboot, our NSS
volumes didn't come up. The rug update went fine, no error.

After trying to do a mount manually, it comes as a seg fault. Attached
is the strace of such a try.

The modules are loaded correctly, or so it seems. Here is the relevant
output of lsmod:

aria:/usr/src # lsmod |grep nss
nsslsa 85796 5
nssmanage 104696 1 nsslsa
nsszlss 1057968 1 nssmanage
nssmal 25464 3 nsslsa,nssmanage,nsszlss
nsscomn 1304272 11 nsslsa,nssmanage,nsszlss
ndpmod 49320 4 nsslsa,nsscomn
nss 264372 5 nsslsa,nssmanage,nsszlss,nssmal,nsscomn
nsslibrary 685376 7
nsslnxlib 36744 3 nsszlss,nsscomn,nsslibrary
linuxmpk 122356 10
nebdrv,nsslsa,nssmanage,nsszlss,nssmal,nsscomn,ndp mod,nss,nsslibrary,nsslnxlib
libnss 68916 10
nsslsa,nssmanage,nsszlss,nssmal,nsscomn,ndpmod,nss ,nsslibrary,nsslnxlib,linuxmpk
admindrv 8880 1 nsscomn

Please help. This is quite... hmm... urgent :>

Thanks a lot.