We setup NSS successfully on OES with SP2, but "lost" a lot of our Linux
system accounts. According to Novell's website
"System-Created Users Are Automatically Enabled for LUM". The article
continues, "If you install NSS on the server, either during the initial
install or later, the wwwrun user is automatically created in eDirectory
with its UID (6) stored as an attribute, and the local wwwrun user is
removed from the server.

Each time the Apache Web server starts, it runs as the wwwrun user account
that is actually stored in eDirectory but also functions as a local user
thanks to LUM. All files created and used by the wwwrun user show that the
file owner has a UID of 6. Since wwwrun in eDirectory has a UID of 6, the
Apache Web server can start and run."

It did delete the accounts, but didn't create them in edirectory!!!! Let's
just say that the users that were using the Apache server aren't thrilled.
Apache won't load, there is no longer a wwwrun account or groups that
would be associated to that user. Tried uninstalling Apache and
reinstalling--no luck. Searched the Internet for deleted wwwuser
account--no luck. I guess I'm the only lucky fool. Any ideas?