Last week our server stop responding while we where trying to tune SMS.
There was no kernel panic but the server was not responding to any service.
From that point we had no choice to shutdown the hard way (on/off button).

Everything seems OK after the reboot (all services started fine). The next
morning we got calls from people that lost files !!! For some people the
files was showing twice with the SAME name (both had the wrong data in it).
Renaming one of the duplicate file made the "real" one coming back (with the
good data in it) - No I was not drunk ;)

For some others, there was no way to see this files with the Novell Client.
the trustee where good. I could see the file on a ssh session with an 'ls'
on the folder. The files where taken by the backup the night before.

And finally, some files where not accessible from shortcuts or apps that
where referencing if. Browsing the folder where the file was made the
shortcut or the apps working just fine.

Since we had a server crash I though that my NSS Volume was corrupted. I did
a rebuild of my volume (even though the verify did not see any problem ).
This morning I still get calls for duplicated files, shortcut not working
and missing files.

We had cold restart of server with Netware 5.1 without ever losing a single

Anyone experience this with OES Linux SP2 ?

Thanks for your help,

Louis-Steve Desjardins