Are NSS are mount in fstab with the "Long" option. I tought that with this
option NSS mount where non case sensitive. Things are behaving a bit
strangely. We use Lotus Notes client witch access a file call NOTES.INI on a
NSS share. The Lotus Notes client is a Zenworks application with modify de
NOTES.INI for some values. The Zenworks apps is set to modify the file
"NOTES.INI" and the file on the server is "notes.ini". Well, I don't know
why but for some user the file NOTES.INI is create - Even if "notes.ini" is
there. So if you browse the network share you'll see two NOTES.INI - both
upper case. I've go with ssh and make an ls on the folder you'll see one
"notes.ini" and one NOTES.INI. This situation leads to some strange
behaviour. This problem is not unique to this particular application. I have
observe the same thing with are "desktop" redirection folder. It's DESKTOP
in the registry but desktop on the server. And both folder gets created on
the server.

Thanks for your help,

Louis-Steve Desjardins