We were experiencing some problems with ihertied rights on our nss volume
(oeslxsp2) and were asked to apply the following module updates:

After restarting we can no longer see the nss volume from an ncp client
(WinXP with Novell Client). The ncp2nss daemon is running, and we can see
the files in the linux file system.
When we use the nsscon utility we get the following message after each
command (though the command does seem to complete - volumes list the volume
and pools list the pool, both as active)

Jul 17, 2006 5:46:53 pm NSS<NSSLIB>-3.20-212:
Option "/ECHO=zen01>" is unknown for the current NSS configuration
and may require other NSS modules to be loaded

Also, nssmu doesn't show any pools or volumes...

Any suggestions? I'm guessing their might be some update/dependency
issues, which we are currently trying to resolve with rug. However any
other comments and ideas would be gratefully received!!

Many thanks