I'm getting reports that my OES SP2 Linux server is having NSS problems
when under heavy load. We're currently testing it by using it to hold
the backups of workstations being migrated by ZEN 7 Personality
Migration. As many as 50 nodes at a time back up to this server over
NCP/NSS and can each write a single compressed backup file as large as
2GB. Under light load, it seems to operate about like a NetWare server
does. However, the folks on our desktop team tell me that under heavy
load, it slows to the point where some users get disconnected, and then
even one admin user can see files in a given folder and another cannot.

Rebooting the server apparently resets the condition until it happens
again. They have tried switching to a NetWare server and do not have
the problem with that at all.

Any ideas/suggestions? I installed the server back a few months ago
and really haven't looked at it since. It's a ProLiant ML-530 with
about 2GB RAM and about 300GB of RAID. Most of this is set up as an
NSS volume. Also, for some reason, the OES "Welcome" page is not
working, so I can't verify that it's OES SP2, but based on the date it
was installed, I believe it is. Any other way to check? Is that shown
in yast?

Thanks in advance!



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