Hi all,

I've got a strange one. I have a server running SUSE EL 8. I set it up
so long ago that I can't remember how I configured the main data
partition. I seem to recall investigating LVM but I can't remember if I
ended up using it or not. Unfortunately I can't find my doco that I
did during the install !

The disk is on SAN attached storage, and my end result is I need to
resize/expand the partition to give me some more free space.

When I look in YAST2 | System | Partitioner, for the SAN disk I see the
following entries:

/dev/sda 32.9gb DF600F
/dev/sda1 32.9gb Linux Native /u03
/dev/sdb 32.9gb DF600F
/dev/sdb1 32.9gb Linux Native /u04
/dev/sdc 249.9gb DF600F

It's the last one I'm interested in. There is a partition on that disk,
/dev/sdc1, that holds a mount point /u02, which is not mentioned here
in the YAST2 partitioner table.

If I look at the command line "fdisk" utility, the partition table
there shows

/dev/sdc1 1 32635 262140606 83 Linux

In thinking if maybe I did use LVM to create the partition, I ran
lvdisplay, pvdisplay, lvscan, etc, all of which came back stating no
volume groups found etc.. so I can't see any LVM config anywhere.

I'm a netware guy and don't touch linux boxes day to day so I'm a bit
confused and not quite sure what to check for next.

Hoping someone has some pointers for me.