I upgraded our 3 server NW65 cluster to OES-NetWare last week. Let's
say it's not exactly stable.

I already have an open call with Novell relating to CIFS abends from
to the OES install that I am continuing with. We're also getting
like the one I posted here just a few days ago.

The problem I'm having (other than all the abends) is getting a
core dump. Our servers have 4GB of memory and I cannot dump to the C:

drive. In the past it's not been a problem as I just run IMGHOST on
server and dump it across the network. Now though on OES when I try
to do a
network core dump, I get a message like this... "debugging network
connection", the monitor goes black and flickers once or twice...and
nothing. I guess the servers are locking up but I can't tell. The
only way
to get them back is to power cycle them.

So what??? Do I have to open a support call to get core dumping
across the
network working so I can actually get core dumps and open a support
call on
the abends I'm getting on OES???

I cannot tell you how frustrating this is. I already have a manager
who is
pretty anti-Novell and this is just giving him more ammunition...I
need this. Let me also mention that our Windows 2003/Active Directory
of the network is solid as a rock...if that ain't a reversal of the
things used to be.... :(

The only thing saving this Novell cluster right now is the fact that
System Factory and IDM are provisioning about 16,000 accounts and home

directories that we share over to AD and MACs using CIFS and AFP. If
weren't for those two excellent products.....today I think I'd be on
the AD
bandwagon with everybody else...and that irks me more than the

Anyone want to tell me why network core dumps aren't working?

Matt Mencel
Western Illinois University