I have a newly deployed server where the date got terribly hosed. It
from 2002 all the way to 2012 and back to 2005. Well, in the process
really screwed something up either in NDS and/or in SSL. Now when the

server boots it cannot start the last four or so processes that depend
namcd connecting to the ndsd (ldap) for eDirectory users and

I tried running ndsrepair -Ad, and fixing timestamps. They still allappear to be objects created in 2002 and modified in 2002, but it
report that ther are any errors left to fix??

I tried re-issuing an SSL cert since to one deployed in 2002 has since

expired. No dice.

I get this error still when namcd starts:
ldap_initconn: LDAP bind failed, trying to connect to alternative
_nds_nss_struct_init: Error[226] in _dns_ldap_private_struct_init.
Problem in namcd initialization, exiting...

Any ideas?